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PODCAST Release!

I am excited to share the first episode of the Hassle Free RE podcast with all of you!  This interview with Airbnb host Tony Iacobucci is exceptional and there's something for everyone in it.  Check out the link to the show and even book a stay at one of Tony's Airbnb Airbnb's at the bottom of this article!


Link:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hassle-free-re/id1610886107


"I wanted to have a business that makes people happy" - Tony Iacobucci

Tony Iacobucci has built his Airbnb business from the ground up.  Over 35 years ago, at the age of 18, Tony purchased a 69 acre plot of land about 15 miles from Sunday River with a goal of one day building vacation homes on it.  Fast forward to today, Tony has built 3 homes from the ground up, doing most of the work himself.  He operates a vacation rental business in these homes and has a goal of continuing to build 1 home per year for the next 8 years.

Not only does Tony create and design the homes, but he creates an experience for his guests.  With an eye for easy yet functional living, Tony’s vacation homes are the perfect escape!

What I love about Tony as a vacation home owner is that he has worked to build a business that makes people happy, by eliminating the things that people hate.  From the cleaning company to the contractors to the guests.  He takes time to learn about the people that he hires and hosts and systematically removes the elements that people hate and dislike so their experience is just... easy!  

This insightful discussion with Tony illustrates the human element of real estate investing.  Tony shares how he makes connections and bonds with other people and how his business has helped create life-long friendships.

From the casual listener to the hopeful or the experienced investor, there’s something for everyone in this podcast episode that can be applied to your current day to day to to make life a little bit better.

I am so excited to share this special interview with everyone!  This also happens to be episode 1 of the Hassle Free RE podcast, hosted by me!  

Stay at one of Tony’s amazing Airbnb’s!

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