Jumping in w/a Luxury Vacation Rental!

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I am SOOOO excited to share Drew's story with all of you!  In this episode of Hassle Free RE, learn how Drew, a Director of Investment Management based in Miami, jumped into real estate investing by buying a house in Cape Cod and transforming it into a STUNNING vacation rental.  Her story is incredible and the party is just getting started!  Her journey can also be followed on instagram (@houseintheport)!

Check out the full interview by downloading the podcast episode or by watching the full interview on youtube!

Podcast: Jumping in w/a luxury vacation rental!


Now for the back story!

Drew grew up in suburban Massachusetts, frequenting Cape Cod with her family on vacation.  Furthermore, her mother is a top producing real estate agent in Massachusetts.  These two components came together and ultimately helped Drew launch her real estate investing business, starting with a vacation rental in Harwich Port, Cape Cod!

What I love about Drew's story is that this home was her FIRST home purchase!  Many in the investing world feel that they need to buy a primary residence before they jump into real estate investing, making the goal of owning an investment property feel even further out of reach.  Drew went against the grain on that one.  Her current job brought her down to the city of Miami, Florida and as life would have it, it just hasn't made sense for her to buy a house in that market.

What DID make sense to Drew was buying a vacation house in Cape Cod and using it as a vacation rental!

In this incredible story, Drew walks us through her journey of finding and rehabing this quaint Cape Cod home and transforming it into an upscale Cape Cod luxury rental!...And this is her FIRST real estate investment!

I'd HIGHLY encourage anyone thinking of going on a family vacation on Cape Cod to go ahead and check out Drew's incredible listing!

Be sure to follow Drew on Insta! @houseintheport

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You can also watch the full interview here!