The #1 Starting Point For Investing in Real Estate

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As a real estate agent, investor, coach, and mentor, the #1 thing that I get asked is:  "How do I get started investing in real estate".  My answer every time is the same... "What are your goals?"  Understandably, this is an incredibly open ended question and doesn't provide much direction.  What you need to understand is that real estate offers a vast array of investment opportunities and YOUR goals will dictate which investment strategy is best for you and your family!

When thinking about goals, I always coach my clients to think about 4 things.

1) Why do you want to invest in real estate?

2) What are your financial goals?

3) How passive would you like your investment to be?

4) How much money do you have available to invest?

Your answers to these 4 questions will dictate which strategy is best for you!  For example, if you have say $100K available to you, and you want extremely high cashflow and don't mind being an "active" investor, then a short term rental in your favorite vacation destination (free vacations!), might be the best strategy for you!  If you want a 100% passive investment, but still want to gain the tax and depreciation advantages, and you're OK with lower cashflow, then you might want to consider being a partner or lender for an experienced real estate investor.  Maybe you have very little money, but want to start getting into real estate investing because of all the advantages it has for building wealth.  There's a strategy for that too!  (Fun Fact:  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ALREADY OWN PROPERTY TO BEGIN INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE!)

Then of course there are also ways to blend, or mix and match investment strategies to meet your needs!

These are the questions that I work through with my clients on a daily basis!  What's great is you're goals might have nothing to do with real estate, but real estate can help you achieve them still!

Are you considering investing in real estate and want to learn about all of the strategies that I've used and I coach my clients to use?  If so, be sure to book some time on my calendar or give me a call! 

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